Thursday shoesday!

Love these shoes. I have the hardest time finding neutral shoes that I really like. I tend to spend too much money on shoes and then end up never wearing them...but I don't think this would be the case with these beauties! They're Jessica Simpson (one of my faves for some good high, and I mean high, heels!).

How hot are those shoes? Pretty sure they'd make even my squatty petite legs look five miles long. Yeah right, a girl can dream, right?

Happy Thursday, y'all. 

3 comentários

  1. Por acaso também ando com alguma dificuldade em encontrar uns sapatos a meu gosto num tom neutro...
    São optimos para combinar com as cores choque do verão...


  2. ai adoro :o
    sou mesmo louca por sapatos, fico mesmo enlouquecida x)